About UKM

Urban Krav Maga is a version of the core Israeli military system Krav Maga, which has its origins in the Israeli Defence Force and other military establishments. Urban Krav Maga has a single objective: to provide students with the fastest learning path towards effective high grade personal protection and self defence capability and we expect students to reach high capability within two years. Urban Krav Maga can be split into two main areas: self defence and fighting confrontations.

Urban Krav Maga self defence techniques include defences against a wide variety of unarmed assaults such as punches, kicks, chokes, headlocks, bear hugs etc. These same techniques can also be applied to higher risk life-threatening scenarios, where the assailant is armed with a weapon such as a stick, knife, gun, hand grenade etc.

Fighting constitutes a more sophisticated phase of Urban Krav Maga and students are taught how to chain together techniques in a flowing manner to stop a threat quickly and effectively. This part of the system deals with the elements that are related to the actual management of the fight: attacks, defences, chokes, ground and pound, timing, feints, tactics, movements, and vision, along with some important psychological and mental considerations associated with surviving a violent encounter of this type.

Urban Krav Maga has drawn from all types of combat and puts a set of techniques together that represent the best way to counter a particular attack. Under pressure, you need a single response to each attack that you have practiced under severe pressure and that you know you can rely on in a situation. It is like your favourite forehand at tennis, favourite cricket shot, favourite golf iron, favourite football pass – it must work when you need it!