For Beginners

Block and counterUrban Krav Maga is a reality based system that will give you confidence, assertiveness and the skills to defend yourself in a real life situation. The skills you will learn are applicable from day one and there are no complicated formulas or 8 step moves in Urban Krav Maga. Every technique that we use has been tried and tested under pressure, and quite simply, works.

Multiple attack drills and scenarios feature heavily. You will learn how to mentally prepare for being attacked by multiple people as well how to physically defend yourself. The drills and scenarios that we train with will vary every single class. Scenarios are a big part of our training e.g. verbal assault leading to physical confrontation, 3 on 1 drills etc. Training knives and guns form a common part of these scenarios and drills, and you will also learn how to find weapons in your natural environment.

Are there grades or belts in Urban Krav Maga?

Yes, we have progression through 10 grades called P1 through to P10, the Urban Krav Maga equivalent of a black belt. We train in t-shirts and civilian sports clothes so there is no need for a belt to hold a gi. Also, we do not need coloured belts to differentiate our levels during training since P1 students get to experience the whole curriculum of techniques early, including P10. What changes is the pressure of how those techniques are used in training and in gradings.

Check out some highlights from one of our P10 gradings.

How often should I train?

Once a week as a minimum, twice if you are committed to becoming proficient, three times or more if you want to excel.

What should I wear to training?

We train in standard exercise gear. No uniforms, belts etc. Bring a towel and lots of water!

I am worried about physical contact – will I get hurt?

Safety is paramount. All our instructors are accredited by the MAIA and have your physical wellbeing as a priority. We do not operate like some far eastern tyrannical clubs or like a pseudo military academy – we do not conduct pain drills for the sake of pain!
If you are a complete beginner, we are sensitive to your needs. We will start you off slowly. Beginners are treated with great sensitivity at Urban Krav Maga – we all started once! Naturally, there is no way to get past the fact that Urban Krav Maga is a street oriented system and we do get beginners into full contact drills quickly. You will be taught how to do this safely and without fear of pain.

As you progress, you will quickly learn how to absorb blows better and your pain threshold will increase as your confidence increases.

When will I be able to defend myself with confidence?

Within a few lessons the core of the system will be understood and you will have knowledge of how to deal with most common attacks. Honing those skills with greater speed, power, precision and making them work under pressure can take much longer dependent on your natural ability. There is no magic formula and hard work is always required but within a few months you will be able to respond to the most common attacks. We expect people with average ability to become proficient after two years.

What if I have some previous martial arts experience?

Excellent. If you have some basics or even greater experience then you will pick up Urban Krav Maga quickly. You should come with an open mind. We will not drill your previous experience out of you, instead we will show you the Urban Krav Maga way and you will gradually blend these together. Many Urban Krav Maga students have extensive previous experience and many do not – it does not matter either way.